The 50 most popular Google Keywords

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Today we will be discussing Google Keywords. We have chosen to analyse the US as the information was more accurate and up to date.

Have you ever wondered what keywords are searched for most on Google? At noFAQs we decided to explore which keywords are most used and share them with you. Understanding keyword used on google is an extremely important lesson to those trying to achieve visits to their website and is incredibly important for SEO when the keywords searched match up with what you are trying to sell. Furthermore, it gives a great indication of consumer behaviour and what consumers are currently searching for.

It might not come as a surprise that words such as “Gmail” and “Facebook”, even “Google” itself, are searched a lot on Google. In fact, many brands are searched through Google as it is an easy way to find a brand’s website. Today, however, we are not going to focus on brands but instead true keywords, as these are what are going to help you with your SEO, in addition, to keep things clean we have removed all porn-related terminology from our definitive 50 keywords list.

So, what are the top 50 most searched keywords on Google in the US right now?

Word Searches per month
1. Weather 24,440,000
2. Maps 20,400,000
3. Translate 18,310,000
4. Calculator 16,170,000
5. Youtube to mp3 13,670,000
6. Speed Test 12,610,000
7. News 8,250,000
8. Thesaurus 6,670,000
9. Powerball 5,570,000
10. Donald Trump 5,570,000
11. NFL 5,130,000
12. G 5,000,000
13. F 4,720,000
14. Trump 4,450,000
15. Periodic Table 4,450,000
16. Face 4,370,000
17. Olympics 4,360,000
18. Internet Speed Test 4,120,000
19. Map 3,980,000
20. Cool math 3,930,000
21. Dictionary 3,930,000
22. Y 3,920,000
23. Timer 3,600,000
24. Happy Wheels 3,500,000
25. Slitherio 3,430,000
26. Overwatch 3,230,000
27. League of Legends 3,120,000
28. Restaurants near me 2,990,000
29. Calendar 2,890,000
30. Discover 2,880,000
31. Movies 2,860,000
32. Hilary Clinton 2,850,000
33. Game Of Thrones 2,820,000
34. Cheap Flights 2,810,000
35. Animal Jam 2,770,000
36. Games 2,760,000
37. Mortgage Calculator 2,650,000
38. Bernie Sanders 2,650,000
39. Spanish to English 2,630,000
40. Entertainment 2,330,000
41. Goo 2,300,000
42. Youtube music 2,300,000
43. Translator 2,280,000
44. Rick and Morty 2,240,000
45. Spotify web player 2,220,000
46. Flights 2,220,000
47. English to Spanish 2,130,000
48. IRS 2,110,000
49. Star Wars 2,060,000
50. FA 2,010,000

As you can see the list presents some very interesting information such as the use of one letter searches. This is most like due to Google Instant- the G identifying searches for “Gmail” and “Google”, the F for “Facebook”.

Furthermore, trends in popular culture also have a great impact. This is presented by the searches for “Donald Trump”, “Hilary Clinton”, and “Bernie Sanders” which are notable current inclusions.

In fact, every year different keywords are searched depending on the political, economic and social changes at work. For instance, companies such as Air Bnb have lessened the need for searches such as “holiday rentals” and “bed and breakfasts”.

Do any of the keywords surprise you? What word to you search most commonly? We would love to hear from you. Get in touch and join the noFAQs community today.

The rise of the Digital Nomads

One of the biggest opportunities that were given to people when technology developed to the level that it had reached today is that it offers people the possibility of escaping while also being able to work. Maybe you are one of the people that have grown up with the stories their parents or grandparents used to say about the days when they had to work in the fields, the factories or a small office where they would not be able to escape until the late hours of night. Although we respect their legacy and everything they have done, today brings with it a new term for those that wish not to be tied to an office but dream of something bigger.

This sort of individuals is called digital nomads. They have the possibility of combining work with their dreams. This is either done by supporting themselves through project based or freelance work. And the best thing about digital nomads is that they can travel wherever they want because they can bring their work with them wherever they are. You can sit on a beautiful sunny beach in Greece and still be able to do your work, relax and be able to see the places you always might have dreamed of seeing. But you may ask why is this idea so appealing and how is it that people of all ages can do it?

There are 3 important reasons for why anyone can do this nowadays:

1. Internet is everything

The essential staring point in becoming a digital nomad is to always be connected to internet wherever you go. Nowadays telecommunications companies have made it easier for everyone to get connected to internet wherever we choose to be, by offering deals on data or offering only data SIM cards. Therefore, staying in touch with the rest of the world, doing your job and still keeping in touch with the people you have to work with/ for is made much easier.

2. Freelance opportunities have increased and are available for everyone

Working on freelance work remotely has become a very trendy thing for millennials. You can choose to take on various project that can be done only by using the internet, and sometimes you don’t even have to meet the client you are working for in person.

The rise of the digital nomads is seen to be more cost efficient to businesses who wish their short-term project to be handled by skilled freelancers. These are usually writers, developers, designers or digital assistants.

Opportunities that have risen in freelance are also available for those that do not know for sure if they would like to make a career out of being a digital nomad. So, you can now apply for travel placements as well. This sort of opportunities is normally taken by younger people that are not yet sure on what is the career path they would like to pursue, but also wish to travel the world. Also, studies show that 91% of employees say that they are more productive when working remotely, therefore it is a win-win situation for both the employees and the businesses,

3. The change in the mindset

As mentioned before the time from when our parents had to work and when we have to work has changed. They valued their jobs because it gave them stability for them and their families. However, we had to learn that taking advantage of the opportunities that arise is more important now. Stability is a factor that can be achieved later on.

Digital nomads have a different mindset than others, in which they value opportunity and freedom more than anything else.

When you combine all these factors, you can provide yourself with the perfect environment for a digital nomad. More and more people come to adopt this kind of lifestyle and have made the rise of the digital nomads possible today.

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